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Spa Flush Hot Tub Plumbing and Jet Cleanse (15ml single sachet)

Spa Flush Hot Tub Plumbing and Jet Cleanse (15ml single sachet)


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Spa Flush Hot Tub Plumbing and Jet Cleanse is an environmentally friendly gel formula that removes the build-up of bio-fouling in organics, oils, lotions, cosmetics, exfoliated skin and other contaminants – from the plumbing, jets, and shell of your spa. 

The gel quickly breaks through the lipid (outside) layer of the biofilm or fatty deposits in closed loop systems and opens it up to let water pressure push it out of the plumbing. This occurs within minutes. Consecutive purges may be necessary since biofilms try extra hard to stay colonised.

  • Enjoy clearer water! The water will look and smell fresh
  • You can reduce sanitiser use
  • Heater element(s) will stay cleaner with minimum calcium build-up
  • Spend less time on maintenance and more on enjoyment!

How to Use

  • Use one sachet at every water change, before emptying
  • Remove filter(s) rinse them then place them in the spa water
  • Open jet air controls, waterfalls and fountains
  • Add the gel contents of the sachet directly into the spa water
  • Run all pumps (and blower if there is one) on full for 30 mins
  • Foaming will appear quickly - this is NORMAL
  • Empty and rinse the spa (the water is ok to drain onto grass or vegetation)
  • Wipe sticky gunk from inside of spa, dump out as much old water as possible
  • Rinse filters and replace them in the filter cavity (they will be clean like never before)
  • Thats it! Refill with fresh water and balance/treat water as normal

REMEMBER: Use Spa Flush deep purge at every water change

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