Collection: Deluxe Covers 5/3in 2-Year Warranty

Taper design for water run off, 5inch to 3inch thick. This Deluxe replacement hot tub cover is made from the finest Marine Grade Vinyl with 6 reinforced handles for added support and durability. The insulating foam inside the cover is vacuum sealed with a 6mil poly wrap Vapour Barrier to increase the longevity of the cover and retain heat. An aluminium channel is fixed down the centre of each half of the cover to provide extra strength and stability.

Our cover includes a full length Steam Seal inside the fold along with a 5" skirt to trap any excess heat that would escape through the side of the cover and keeps it within the hot tub. The bottom of the cover is manufactured out of mildew inhibiting vinyl to prevent moisture deterioration and provides minimal water absorption. These covers are designed to withstand harsh winter months.

Our covers are not limited to Canadian Spas - they work perfectly well with other popular spa brands, including Jacuzzi, Clearwater Spas, Hotspring Spas, Agean Spas, Arctic Spas, and many more!
Deluxe Covers 5/3in 2-Year Warranty