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Service Tech - Advanced Product Bundle

Service Tech - Advanced Product Bundle


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This is the ADVANCED starter bundle for Canadian Spa Service Technicians. These bundles are discounted 50%. Special payment terms apply for Service Tech Bundles:

 SKU Description Terms
KB-10001 Service Tech - Basic Product Bundle 30 days
KB-10002 Service Tech - Standard Product Bundle

1/2 30 days
1/2 60 days

KB-10003 Service Tech - Advanced Product Bundle

1/3rd 30 days
1/3rd 60 days
1/3rd 90 days 

This bundle comprises the following products

 SKU Description Qty
KK-10322 Circulation Pump: (LX) WTC50 1
KK-10286 Balboa 2kw BP Heater (p/n: 58289) M7 Only 1
KK-10416 Balboa 24in Heater Sensor 2
KK-10328 Balboa NBP6013H 3KW Control Pack - p/n: 56751 1
KK-11167 BP200 2KW Pack 1
KK-10281 Balboa TP600 Topside Control 1
KK-10319 Pump: 5HP 2.5in x 2.5in (LX) WP500 2-Speed 1
KK-10318 Pump: 4HP 2.6in x 2in (LX) WP300 2-Speed 1
KK-11117 Pump: 2HP 2in x 2in (LX) WP200 2-Speed 1
KK-10323 Circulation Pump: (LX) JA75 1
KK-10325 APW900 Heated Air Blower 1
KK-10051 Medium Massage Jet (3.5in) - Hurricane 2
KK-10053 Large Massage Jet (5in) - Hurricane 2
KK-10052 Large Directional Jet (5in) - Hurricane 2
KK-10041 Small Massage Jet (2.25in) - Hurricane 4
KK-10040 Small Directional Jet (2.25in) - Hurricane 4
KK-11204 Small (2in) Directional Jet - Black Ice Moon 4
KK-11205 Small (2in) Roto Jet - Black Ice Moon 4
KA-10146 Alkalinity Booster 500g 6
KA-10124 pH Up(500g) 6
KA-10054 Foam Free (defoamer) 6
KK-11188 Fix-A-Leak 2
KA-10164 Spa Flush - Single (15ml) Spa Flush 6
KA-10055 Control - Stain and Scale Inhibitor, 500ml 6
KA-10123 Chlorine Granules (500g) 12
KA-10122 Hot Tub (Starter) Chemical Kit 2
KA-10089 Complete Hot Tub & Spa Chemical Kit Deluxe Plastic Pail with Lid & Handle 1
KA-10052 Test Strips (Pot of 50 Strips) 12
KA-10031 Glacier Pre-Filter Screens - 2 Pack 2
KA-10082 Glacier Filter Single - Antimicrobial 9
KK-10691 LED Power Supply Modulator - Black Ice 1
KK-10006 Suction Release Valve - Clear 1
KK-10005 MP3 Power Supply Transformer 1
KK-10885 MP3 Amplifier with USB Converter (2018) 1
KK-10905 Bluetooth Player & Power Supply - Black Ice 1
KK-10862 Speaker: Fixed (not pop-up) 2018 1

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