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Canadian Spa Extended Warranty

Canadian Spa Extended Warranty


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The extended warranty offered for your Canadian Spa enhances your peace of mind by covering key electronic components such as pumps, heaters, and circuit boards, as well as the labor costs associated with their installation. This additional coverage begins immediately after your current warranty expires, extending protection for an additional two years. You have the flexibility to purchase this extended warranty at any time before your original warranty ends, and the extended coverage will only activate once the initial warranty period has concluded.

However, it's important to be aware of the exclusions in this warranty:

1. **Non-Covered Items**: The warranty does not cover certain parts like the spa cover, jets, accessories, leaks, or maintenance operations.

2. **Exclusions for Causes of Damage**:
- Normal wear and tear.
- Failure to maintain the spa according to Canadian Spa's maintenance guidelines and instructions.
- Use of incorrect sanitizing chemicals, like pool chlorine or combination pool/spa chlorine, instead of spa-specific chlorine.
- Failure to use Canadian Spa specified or equivalent quality parts and consumables.
- Damage due to neglect, accidents, or improper use.
- Unauthorized modifications to the spa or its components.

3. **Other Limitations**: The warranty does not cover any indirect damages such as inconvenience, lost time, or consequential damages that may arise from a defect covered under the warranty.

Remember, the extended warranty is only available for purchase while your spa is still under its original warranty. This ensures continuous protection for your investment in the Canadian Spa, safeguarding against unforeseen costs associated with certain repairs.

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