Service - Swim Spa SILVER

Service - Swim Spa SILVER


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SPA FLUSH is added to water to clear pipes, SPA SHOCK and ANTI Scale is then added shortly after Your pipes will build up a layer of calcium, dirt and Body Fats which will continue to build up and reduce the power of water flow. These chemicals will help to loosen and break down the build up in the pipes before emptying the swim spa.  Filters are removed and put into soak using our Filter cleaner The filters cleaner will clean and remove contaminants from the filter fibres. The filters may need to be replaced; the Technician will inspect and inform you if this is the case  filters can be purchased from Technician on site  Swim Spa is then powered down, emptied, cleaned, hosed down and then vacuumed out The spa will be emptied using our submergible pump and cleaned while being emptied. The vacuum will clear all dirty water and vacuum out each jet to remove any dirty water from pipe work.  Swim Spa will then start to be re-filled using customers water hose The technician will be unable to stay to fill the spa up to its ideal fill level due to it taking a day to fill. It will be the responsibility of the customer to ensure spa is filled to the correct level.

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